Z.V. House - mixer - engineer - producer





Aelter - One: engineer

Lunar Temple - Renunciation (demo): engineer

By Fire and Sword - Where The Light Lets Itself In/Testify: engineer, mixing

The French Tips - Burn It Down: engineer, mixing

Z.V. House - Given To The Wind: co-engineer, co-producer, mixing, mastering

bpass - What’s Up?//Cold Blooded: engineer, co-producer, mixing, mastering


Jetski - 2pm: engineer, mixing

2x2 - 60-90 Beats Per Hour: engineer, mixing

Dark Swallows - II: producer, engineer, mixing

Go Engine Now - Holy Low: engineer, mixing


Nick Delffs - As I Sat On A Sunny Bank: engineer, mixing

Get Wet + - TWO: engineer, co-producer, mixing, mastering

C of Revolt - Long Gone: engineer, co producer,  mixing

Get Wet + - ONE:  engineer, co-producer, mixing, mastering


Urquides - Urquides: engineer, mixing

Red Hands Black Feet - We Must Fall Forever if We Survive: engineer, co-producer, mixing, mastering

Braided Waves - Before You Know It: mixing, mastering

Pork Chopper - Meat Tub: engineer, mixing, mastering

Toy Zoo - Toy Zoo: engineer

Darling Rollercoaster - Ashes of our Loved Ones (Single): engineer, producer, mixing, mastering


Sleepy Seeds - Sleepy Seeds (LP): engineer, producer, mixing

Discoma - Anemone: mastering

Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars - Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars EP: mixing

Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars - S/plit (7 inch): engineer, producer, mixing


Darling Rollercoaster - Demo EP: engineer, producer, mixing


A Seasonal Disguise - all releases (2004-2015): engineer, producer, mixing